Pick Up Your Tab Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our Pick-Up Your Tab
contest winners!


Canora winners: 

Tony & Jackie Ripa (chose a $300 Gift Card to spend at the Gateway Co-op)

“I have been a long-time member of the credit union in Canora. All the loans managers that I have dealt with in the past years have been extremely helpful. From me buying my first vehicle , to getting married, to getting our first mortgage and now with the help of the Canora credit union we are able to live on the farm , have a decent land base , and run a cow calf operation in which myself and Jackie love. We love the farm life, the animals, cows, horses and every other critter one can imagine. LOL.  This has all been possible by having the support of our credit union and I am proud that we deal there.  It is the local level of understanding that I appreciate the most. Whenever we go in to talk business or advice the people know us, who we are etc.  That is something that is very valuable to us and is so takin for granted these days.

Thanks for all the support over the years and keep up the good work!”

Cassandra Kowalchuk(awaiting her choice)
“My Crossroads Credit Union lender has been amazing. Her and her whole team, actually!
All I wanted to do a few years ago was move back to my hometown Canora. I had been away since 1990. In my early 30s, I knew coming back was the right choice and perfect fit for me. My heart and my family are here, and Canora is a beautiful place. 

Upon deciding to move home, I applied to my regular two banks that I had been with forever for a mortgage. They would not even look at me, not even in my direction, about a mortgage or loan. I was devastated. How would I get home?!

But I was given the idea to contact Loralee at the Canora CCU branch. The least I could do is ask, and the worst they could say was no, right?  So, I made my appointment. And wow, am I ever glad I did, and am I ever so grateful for the service and trust I've received!

I was able to buy my little dream home! And do some renovations!

It's been two years now in my own home, back in my hometown! It feels great to be a part of the community and know that Crossroads Credit Union has my interests in mind, as well as the community's interests.   Since I've made the move home and joined the home branch, I've also been able to start a business and clean up some debts. 

I owe my success to CCU and Loralee and her colleagues. Thank you so much!”

Preeceville winners:

Shayna Waite - ( chose $150 gift card to X-cessories by Kerry & a $150 gift card to Thirsty Dogz)

“When I didn’t think it was possible, Crossroads helped me buy my first home. The same year, I was able to buy my dream car. I am so thankful for Crossroads Credit Union and all the wonderful staff that work there as they assist the public in achieving their hopes and dreams.”

Allyson & Kenton Hull(awaiting their choice)
“We have had a great experience working with Barb Leason at the Preeceville Branch. Barb helped us with buying our first home in 2014 and completing a massive renovation over three years on a house that wasn’t livable when we first bought it. She was always there to answer the phone and give advice and was very thorough with presenting us with our options. 

Once we finished renovating our home, she was able to help Kenton start up his own small business in 2016 with advice and guidance along the way. His business would not be where it is today without the help of Barb. 
In 2019, we took on another project and began building a garage for personal and business use. Once again, Barb was there to help us achieve our goals for what we wanted in life. 
We respect and appreciate Barb’s professional advice that she provides for our financials. We look forward to working with Barb in the future on our next project!”

Sturgis winners:

Levi Soltys - (chose a $300 Gift Card to spend at the Gateway Co-op)
“Thanks, you for the fast, friendly service when I needed a truck. I enjoyed using the “Docusign” for a quick loan.  Thank you CCU!!”

Trudy Halvorson(chose a $300 Gift Card to spend at the Gateway Co-op)
“I’m a hairdresser and Crossroads Credit Union made it possible to buy my dream salon, some equipment that I needed and to remodel it the way I wanted.
 Now I go to work every day and feel like I’m living my dream, loving what I do ❤️
Thank you, Crossroads Credit Union,”

Wadena winners:

Pat Nowakowski($300 to spend at the Wadena Co-op)
“When it became apparent that I needed a new vehicle to transport my husband to Regina for medical treatment I called the Wadena branch to talk to a loan representative. My request was forwarded to the loan department and Nicole called me soon after. She was able to approve a loan during that call and I was able to purchase a vehicle 4 days later using the dealer financing through the Wadena branch. I am very happy with the service I received from Crossroads Credit Union. Thank you.”

Ben Bodnaryk($200 to Wadena Meats and $100 to spend at the Wadena Co-op)
“When I needed a loan, they helped me with my first home and lots of other repairs when needed for my place. They have always given me good financial advice and helped me set up a savings account and with RRRP’s a big help over the years.”

All entries were put into a draw based on their branch and two names were selected in each.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, we loved reading all of your stories and are exctied to share them on our social media channels throughout the year! 

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