Crossroads Community Investment Fund

Our communities are the grassroots of Crossroads Credit Union. We are committed to providing a strong foundation to build upon and enhance the quality of life for the people in our communities. If your non-profit community group or organization is raising money for a capital project that supports the development of the community, it may qualify for funding from Crossroads Community Investment Fund

A total of $36,500 is available for 2019 through the
Crossroads Community Investment Fund!

Crossroads Credit Union will support one major project or program with funding up to $15,000!

All members of Crossroads Credit Union will be involved in deciding which project/program is the recipient of the major funding up to $15,000 by means of a voting process!

For more information on the Crossroads Community Investment Fund & FAQ click here!
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Deadline is August 30, 2019.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Funding is used to build, expand, and/or improve facilities that support the development of our communities and/or development and implementation of programs that support the  people in our communities.
  • Must be a capital project/program or a one-time investment. Annual operating costs will not qualify for Crossroads Investment Fund.
  • The project or program must support one or two priority areas:
                                      1.   Community and Economic Development
                                      2.   Youth and Education
  • The project or program must benefit groups or many people in the community.
  • The majority of funds are directly utilized for the project or program, with minimal administrative costs.
  • While membership at Crossroads Credit Union is not a requirement, preference will be    given to our members when the final decision must be made between two comparable     projects/programs.
  • Project must be completed within one year of receiving Crossroads Investment funding.    Receipts and invoices are required.
  • Project or program must be in the trading area of Crossroads Credit Union.
  • The project or program reflects positively on Crossroads Credit Union. Provides the most  exposure possible while maintaining Crossroads Credit Union’s respected and professional image.
  • An organization can be funded more than once, but a project/program cannot.
 Funding will not be provided for:
  •  Annual operating costs.
  •  Political or religious organizations.
  • Advocacy organizations whose causes are publicly controversial.
  • Individuals
  • Conferences

Watch this short video to see how the Crossroads Community Investment Fund has helped Non-profit Organizations in Crossroads Country!