Crossroads Community Investment Fund

What is the Crossroads Community Investment Fund? 

Our Community Investment Fund (CIF) was established in 2009 and each year we allocate funds to non-profit organizations that support community development.  The purpose of the Crossroads Community Investment Fund is to provide a strong foundation to build upon and enhance the quality of life for the people in our communities. 

In the past 11 years we have donated over $380,000 to more than 121 community projects and initiatives!  We are proud of our cooperative roots and helping our communities will always be a priority. It's about grassroots, hometowns and cooperation.  We are committed to providing a strong foundation to build upon and enhnace the quality of life for the people in our communitiesThat's the Credit Union Difference!

If your non-profit community group or organization is raising money for a capital project that supports the development of the community, it may qualify for funding from the Crossroads Community Investment Fund.

A total of $35,000 in funding is available!

Crossroads Credit Union will support One Major Project or Progam  with funding up to $15,000!



additional funding is available for organizations needing assistance for projects on a smaller scale.

Once again all members of Crossroads Credit Union will be involved in deciding which project/program is the recipient of the major funding of up to $15,000 by means of a voting process over a one week period, beginning at the end of September!


  • Funding is used to build, expand, and/or improve facilities that support the development of our communities and/or development and implementation of programs that support the  people in our communities.
  • Must be a capital project/program or a one-time investment.
  • The project or program must support one or two priority areas:

                             1.  Community and Economic Development
                              2.  Youth and Education

  • The project or program must benefit groups or many people in the community and provide long-term, sustainable, positive results for the greatest amount of people.
  • The majority of funds are directly utilized for the project or program, with minimal administrative costs.
  • While membership at Crossroads Credit Union is not a requirement, preference will be    given to our members when the final decision must be made between two comparable     projects/programs. 
  • The project must be completed within one year of receiving Crossroads Investment funding.  Receipts and invoices are required.
  • The project or program must be in the trading area of Crossroads Credit Union.
  • The project or program reflects positively on Crossroads Credit Union. Provides the most  exposure possible while maintaining Crossroads Credit Union’s respected and professional image.
  • Key players in the project may be asked to co-operate with the credit union in publicity opportunitites and ideally will involve opportunity for Crossroads Credit Union to volunteer.
  • An organization can be funded more than once, but a project/program cannot.

Funding WILLNOT be provided for:

  • Annual operating costs
  • Political or religious organizations
  • Advocacy organizations whose causes are publicly controversial
  • Individuals
  •  Conferences
  • Privately owned ventures and/or private clubs funded through membership fees
  • Competitive sports travel and accomodation cost

 Voting Process

All requests for funding through Crossroads Community Investment Fund (CIF) are required to complete a formal application. The application must be complete and clear. It is important to include all relevant information about the project/program including pictures and/or video, if relevant. 

The CIF committee will choose through a selection based process, three projects or programs from the pool of applicants that are raising funds to support a major initiative in their community.  The projects/programs must support community and economic development and/or youth and education. The three projects/programs will be interviewed by Crossroads CU, a short video will be taken as well as pictures and a short biography of the organization and relevant information about the project/program will be featured on Crossroads website, social media, radio, and in-branch for members to view.

All members of Crossroads Credit Union will vote on which project/program they feel is deserving to receive up to $15,000. All members will have one vote per day for a one week period beginning the end of September 2020. The project or program that receives the majority of votes will receive up to $15,000.  The results of the voting process will be announced on Credit Union day which falls on October 15th, 2020.

The remaining funds in the 2020 Community Investment Fund will be allocated accordingly by the CIF committee to the applicants that need assistance in excess of $1,000, that meet the eligibility requirements and support community and economic development and/or youth and education. The recipients will be selection based on the information provided to the selection committee.  If you would like a copy of this information to print off click here!

Applications will be accepted from June 3rd  to August 28th