Our Values

Grassroots encompasses the concepts of a full service, member owned, democratically governed, and sustainable financial institution. We pride ourselves on sound business practices, providing a full suite of financial products and services. Every member of Crossroads is an owner and has the power to cast one vote to elect the board of directors.
Commitment, efficiency, honesty and security are important to Crossroads because our members are our story and we are committed to helping them achieve their goals. Our members place their trust in us and we go above and beyond industry standards with processes and procedures to maintain this trust and build relationships. We also uphold strict privacy and financial safeguards to ensure that Crossroads’ members are protected.
We strive to be friendly, understanding, co-operative, and personal with every member. It is our goal to know our members better than anyone else, because in doing so, we provide the best possible service and advice. We are passionate about teamwork and collaboration because as a team, we can achieve more and help our members become financially confident.
We are focused on community involvement, pride ourselves on being educators and leaders, and will go above and beyond. We lead by our reputation, not only by going above and beyond for our members, but by actively promoting financial literacy in our communities. Through volunteering, donations and sponsorships, we support our communities, our grassroots, and help them to continue to flourish.

Crossroads is a member-focused organization, driven by continuous improvement, innovation, and proactive actions. When our members succeed, we succeed, so we invest in these relationships by adapting to their needs, no matter where they are in life. By being proactive, we prepare our members for the future now, so that they are ready for their next chapter when it begins.
Credential Direct CUDGC