Our Leadership

Board of Directors 
Our dedicated board of directors are the representatives for you, the member-owners of our credit union.

Our Board of Directors Are:

Central District:

Walter Ostoforoff - President
Arlette Bogucky
Betty Tomilin
Gary Herbert
Kerry Trask

Northern District:
Ivan Peterson
Dale Zubko - 2nd Vice President
Leanne Christianson

Western District:
Murray Bottcher - 1st Vice President
Duane Sweatman
Left - Right:  Dale Zubko, Betty Tomilin, Arlette Bogucky,  Murray Bottcher, Kerry Trask, Duane Sweatman, Walter Ostoforoff, Ivan Peterson, Leanne Christianson and Gary Herbert.

Management Team
Our professional management team strives each day to ensure our credit union is profitable and commited to our members and our communitites:

Jeff Bisschop
Chief Executive Officer
(306) 563-2408

Rhonda Fullawka
Manager of Finance & Risk
(306) 563-2443

Wendy Peterson
Manager of Retail Services
(306) 563-2411

Cindy Balaberda
Manager of Corporate Services
(306) 563-2440