Ag Loans

Our roots as a Credit Union are deeply tied to farming, and we know our communities depend on agriculture to keep our economy strong. We are firmly behind the farmers who make it all happen.
Our first home was a grain elevator in Canora and our history is firmly connected to the agriculture industry. That's why we understand the challenges that go hand-in-hand with the agriculture industry. It's also why we offer flexible options that allow you to diversify, build, and grow your operation.
Varieties of factors play vital roles and require careful consideration to run a strong farming operation. It can also mean expanding when the time and opportunity are just right. Whether you're looking to buy equipment, build or improve buildings, expand your land base, or refinance, we  can offer you solutions that meet your needs and give you the tools you need to grow.

For more information regarding ag borrowing please call or visit your local branch.

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