Protect yourself against account fraud with free alerts.

Alerts will notify you when important changes have been made to your online banking account information.  Alerts add additional protection to allow you to identify and report potentially fraudulent activity as soon as it happens.

With alerts you have the option to be notified when:

  • Your internet banking account is logged into.
  • A new bill payee is added or deleted to your vendors.
  • Your Personal Access Code is changed
  • You are locked out of Online Banking after 3 incorrect responses to security questions.
  • An INTERAC e-Transfer New Recipient is added.
  • Or if when your alerts are turned off
You can choose to have your alerts sent as a text message an email or both.

To set up your alerts in MemberDirect
  • Log in to your account, navigate to the right-hand side of the screen where it says Messages & Alerts
  • Select manage Alerts and choose which alerts you would like notifications for and where you would like those alerts to be sent.

This feature is also available through our Mobile App.
  • Log into the App
  • Swipe the screen over until you see alerts and set up and manage your alerts from there.
Need help?  Give us a call-  1-877-535-1299.
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