Reporting Fraud

We want to provide you with important tools that will allow you to report fraudulent activity. A significant portion of on-line fraud goes unreported. If you think you provided sensitive personal information before realizing you may be a fraud victim, report the matter to your local police and keep a copy of the police report. You may need that documentation to resolve any fraudulent transactions.

Here are some tips to help prevent fraud
  • Do not respond to emails, letters or phone solicitations offering deals that sound too good to be true. 
  • Do not give personal information such as your SIN, date of birth, PIN, CVC2, card number, or other account information unless you have verified the source requesting it.
  • Always verify the authenticity of incoming Mastercard or Visa security calls prior to responding.
If you feel you are a victim of fraud

Contact all financial institutions and assign a unique password to all accounts to prevent future account takeovers. Review account statements to validate recent activity.

Contact credit reporting agencies to have a security memo placed on your personal credit report to prevent fraud applications from being approved in your name. Review your credit report to ensure recent credit inquiries and trades are valid:
  • Equifax Fraud Victim Assistance: 1.800.465.7166
  • Trans Union Fraud Victim Assistance Department: 1.800.663.9980
  • Contact Human Resources Development Canada to report a compromised Social Insurance Number: 1.800.206.7218
  • Contact Canada Post to inquire if any requests to redirect mail have been submitted in your name, or to report any irregularities in your mail delivery (e.g. opened envelopes, missing statements): 1.800.267.1177 or
  • Report the incident to local law enforcement, obtain the incident# and officer's name and phone number for future reference.
  • Report incidents to Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at or 1.888.495.8501 (provide local law enforcement incident#), if a senior mention “Seniors Busters” when calling the Anti-Fraud Center.
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