Fraud Prevention Month

March 01, 2018


March is Fraud Month This Weeks Theme is..  Cheque Fraud

March is Fraud Prevention Month.  This week we will be talking about tips to help you protect yourself against CHEQUE FRAUD. 

Tip#1 Review your credit union account statement at least once a month toreview the transaction history. Report any suspicious or unknown transactions to the credit union immediately.

Tip #2 Keep your cheques stored in a safe and secure location. Do not store cheques in your vehicle.

Tip#3 Make sure you shred and destroy all cheques for closed accounts.

Tip#4 Always use pen when writing a cheque and never leave blank space in the amount or payee lines.

Tip#5 If you are receiving payment for an item, consider switching to electronic payment method such as e-transfers, particularly if you don’t know the cheque writer. Electronic payment is more secure than cheques.

Next weeks theme, will be: Identity Fraud.

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The Better Business Bureau released a list of the top ten scams for 2017 also test your fraud prevention skills by taking a quiz on the Government of Canada website.


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