Debit Card Disruption

The issue surrounding chip and pin transactions on debit cards issued in 2019 is ongoing. It is important to note that this is affecting debit cards from a large number of financial institutions – IT IS NOT JUST CREDIT UNION CARDS.

The issue is with merchant point-of-sale terminals that require an update, not your debit card. There is no need to order a new debit card or re-pin your current debit card.

Your debit card will work as usual at ATMs and most merchant terminals. If you encounter problems using your 2019 chip card at a merchant terminal, here are a few suggestions:

- Use the tap feature on your card

- Some members have reported pushing OK when they receive the error messages. For some, this bypasses the error message and allows the transaction to proceed.

- Ensure you have cash on hand by taking out cash at an ATM

If you do you receive unexpected card declines at a point-of-sale terminal, encourage the merchant to contact their Merchant Network Service Provider to update their software.

If you are a merchant experiencing this, contact your Merchant Network Service Provider to update your software.

We'll provide another update when we know more. Thank you for your patience!

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