​Reliable and flexible solutions to help you get ahead.

If you're planning to update your equipment, expand your operation or even start a new venture, a business loan can help. Our lending TEAM will help you get access to the capital your business needs to grow.

​​​What type of business lending solution are you looking for?

Business Loan


Want to expand your business but need capital to reach your goals? A Business Loan through Crossroads may be the right option for you.

Great For:
  • Fixed or variable rates available
  • Flexible loan repayments options
  • Government programs available

Agricultural Loans


Have dreams of expanding your farm, purchasing new equipment or maybe expanding the heard? We can help with a tailored lending solution for your specific needs.

Great For:
  • Fixed or variable rates available
  • Flexible loan repayment options
  • Government programs available

Business Quick Loan


Sometimes we all need a little help covering unforeseen expenses.  A Crossroads Quick Loan could be a great option for you and your business.  You can use it to your limit, pay it off and use it again.

Great For:
  • One time approval - once approved you do not need to reapply
  • Only pay interest on what you use
  • Revolving credit

Business Line of Credit


Your business is our business!  We have a suite of products that will help you with your day to day operating expenses.  Whether you run a shop front or a farming operation, we've got you covered.

Key Features
  • Easy access to funds
  • Interest paid monthly on what you use
  • Overdraft protection

​​Enjoy the advantages of a Crossroads Credit Union Business Loan

  • ​Flexible payment options - pay back your loan with a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payment schedule.
  • Personalized support - Our team of lending experts will help you find a tailored solution and payment option for your business needs.
  • ​​Various rate options - Your loan, your choice!
  • Repay your way - Flexible repayment options that work for you and your business.
  • Insurance available for peace of mind.

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​Loan Calculator

​Our nifty calculator will crunch numbers to estimate your payments, determine when you'll be paid off and more.