November is Financial Literacy Month

Make Change That Counts!

We’re proud to participate in Financial Literacy Month, a national campaign focused on the importance of building financial resilience in challenging times and a digital economy. Find out how you can get involved in #FLM2021 too by clicking here!

What is financial resilience?

Financial resilience is the ability to adapt or persevere through both predictable and unpredictable financial situations.

Keep track of your expenses.

Make a budget to manage your expenses and stick to a spending plan.

Take control of your debt.

When you borrow money, understand how much it will cost in the long-term and make a plan to pay it back.

Save money for the future.

Save for your goals and prepare for unexpected expenses or financial setbacks.

Build your knowledge at the right time.

Learn about a financial product or service at the right time to make better decisions.

​Manage your money with a budget.

The Budget Planner is a free interactive tool that provides personalized tips and suggestions to improve your financial situation. 

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