International Transfers

Anywhere, anytime, around the globe.

What is International Transfers?

International Transfers is a solution that enables members to make international transfers anytime, anywhere.

There's no need for you to wait in line - now you can transfer money internationally through online banking and our mobile app. 

What can International Transfers be used for?

  • Buying property or a holiday home outside of Canada
  • Paying for tuition fees overseas

  • Sending money to friends or family who live overseas

  • Paying for accommodations or holidays outside of Canada

  • Supporting a family member who is travelling overseas

  • Paying for work to be completed

  • Paying for a wedding abroad

  • Overseas mortgage payments

  • Paying for medical expenses or bills overseas  

How to send an International Transfer

  • Register in online banking or our Mobile App to get started.
    • You will need to have your Photo ID ready to upload.
  • Add your recipient (s)
    • Provide the recipient's details so we know where to send money to.
  • Book your International Transfer.
    • Enter the transfer details, get a quote and execute.
  • Done! 
    • You will recieve a confirmation email.

For more detailed instructions click here.

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