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Legal & Policies

At Crossroads we are committed to ensuring our members' information is safe, secure and confidential.  Take some time to review our policies and legal information below.

Statement of Commitment: Codes of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada

Crossroads Credit Union is committed to the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Card Services and the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada. These codes are designed to protect credit union members’ interests related to the issuance and acceptance of payment cards, and to the operation of payment card networks.

For more information, please see:

Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Card Services

Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada

Deposits held in all Saskatchewan credit unions are fully guaranteed through the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation (CUDGC) .  There is no limit to the size of deposit covered by the guarantee. Whether $100 or $1,000,000, all deposits are fully guaranteed. The Corporation's system of deposit protection ensures that even the largest deposits are safe. This is achieved through a combination of:

  • Preventive approaches
  • Strong levels of credit union capital
  • Independent, in-system regulators who work closely with credit unions to ensure we operate soundly and prudently

In the history of the CUDGC:

  • No one has ever lost funds deposited in a Saskatchewan credit union
  • No Saskatchewan credit union has ever had to rely on the government for financial assistance or bailouts

That is a history Crossroads Credit Union is very proud to be a part of. For more information please visit the CUDGC website.

Website Disclaimer
Crossroads Credit Union does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any information or document on the Crossroads Credit Union website.

Crossroads Credit Union makes no representations whatsoever about any other website which you may access through this one. When you access a non-Crossroads Credit Union website, please understand it is independent from Crossroads Credit Union and that Crossroads Credit Union has no control over the content of that website. In addition a link to a non-Crossroads Credit Union website does not mean that Crossroads Credit Union endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or the use of such website. It is up to you to take precautions to ensure that whatever you select for your use is free of such items as viruses, worms, trojan horses and other items of a destructive nature. Crossroads Credit Union recommends that you install appropriate anti-virus or other protective software to protect yourself from such items.

Please be advised that the information on the Crossroads Credit Union website may not always be the most current source for company information regarding Crossroads Credit Union and Crossroads Credit Union disclaims any liability for any failure to update information on the Crossroads Credit Union website. Further, the information in the Crossroads Credit Union website is subject to change without notice.

In no event will Crossroads Credit Union be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages for any use of this website, or on any other hyperlinked website, including, without limitation, any lost profits, business interruption, loss of programs or other data on your information handling system or otherwise, even if we are express advised of the possibility of such damages.

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These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern your use of any eligible Credit Union debit card (“Card”) when you add or keep your Card in a mobile wallet (“Wallet”) for use on any eligible device (“Device”) that supports the use of the Wallet.

Please read these Terms carefully. If you add or activate your Card for use in a Wallet, it means that you accept and agree to these Terms. In these Terms, "you" and "your" means each Credit Union member who has been issued a Credit Union Card. "We", "us", and "our" mean Credit Union.

Other Documents and Agreements

These Terms are in addition to, and supplement, all other agreements between Credit Union and Member regarding Credit Union’s products and services. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these Terms and the other agreements, then these Terms will take priority and govern with respect to the Wallet service.

You understand that your use of the Wallet will also be subject to agreements or terms of use with the relevant Wallet Provider (“Wallet Provider”) and other third parties (such as your wireless carrier and the websites and services of other third parties integrated with the Wallet).

Use of Cards in the Wallet

If you want to add a Card to a Wallet, you must follow the procedures adopted by the Wallet provider, any instructions provided by us, and any further procedures the Wallet provider or we adopt. You understand that we may not add a Card to a Wallet if we cannot verify the Card, if your account is not in good standing, if we suspect that there may be fraud associated with your Card or for any other reason we determine at our sole discretion. The Wallet allows you to make purchases using your Card wherever that Wallet is accepted. Wallets may not be accepted at all places where your Card is accepted.

Removal, Blocking, or Suspension of Card

We may not permit the addition of a Card to a Wallet, or we may remove, suspend or cancel your access to a Wallet at any time, if we cannot verify the Card, if we suspect that there may be fraud associated with the use of the Card, if your account is not in good standing, if applicable laws change, or for any other reason we determine at our sole discretion.

You may suspend, delete or reactivate a Card from a Wallet by following the Wallet Provider’s procedures for suspension, deletion or reactivation. In certain circumstances, your Card may be suspended or removed from the Wallet by the Wallet Provider.

Maximum Dollar Limit

Payment networks, merchants or we may establish transaction limits from time to time in their or our discretion. As a result, you may be unable to use a Wallet to complete a transaction that exceeds these limits.

Applicable Fees

We do not charge you any fees for adding a Card to the Wallet. Please consult your Card agreement for any applicable fees or other charges associated with your Card.Your mobile service carrier or provider, Wallet Provider or other third parties may charge you service fees in connection with your use of your Device or the Wallet.


You must contact us immediately if your Card is lost or stolen, if your Device is lost or stolen, or if your Card account is compromised. If you get a new Device, you must delete all your Card and other personal information from your prior Device.

You are required to contact us immediately if there are errors or if you suspect fraud with your Card. We will resolve any potential error or fraudulent purchase in accordance with the applicable account agreement.

You agree to protect and keep confidential your Wallet Provider ID and passwords. If you share these credentials with others, they may be able to access a Wallet and make purchases with your Card or obtain your personal information.

Before using a Wallet, you should ensure that only your credentials are registered on your Device as these will then be considered authorized to make transactions related to your Card. If the credentials of another person are used to unlock your Device or make transactions, these transactions will be deemed to be authorized by you.

You are prohibited from using a Wallet on a Device that you know or have reason to believe has had its security or integrity compromised (e.g. where the Device has been "rooted" or had its security mechanisms bypassed).

The Wallet Provider is responsible for the security of information provided to them or stored in the Wallet.

Liability for Loss

You are solely responsible for all account transactions made using your Card processed through a Wallet. You are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the account information you enter into the Wallet. Only the individual member whose name is associated with the Card should add the Card to a Wallet.


You consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information from time to time as provided in our privacy policy, which is available on our website. We may share with or receive from the Wallet Provider such information as may reasonably be necessary to determine your eligibility for, enrollment in and use of a Wallet or its features you may select (for example, your name and details such as Card number and expiry date).

The Wallet Provider may aggregate your information or make it anonymous for the purposes set out in its privacy policy or terms of use. To help protect you and us from error and criminal activities, we and The Wallet Provider may share information reasonably required for such purposes as fraud detection and prevention (for example, informing the Wallet Provider if you notify us of a lost or stolen Device).


You agree to receive communications from us, including emails to the email address or text message to the mobile number you have provided in connection with your Card account. These communications will relate to your use of your Card(s) in the Wallet. You agree to update your contact information when it changes by contacting us. You may also contact us if you wish to withdraw your consent to receive these communications but doing so may result in your inability to continue to use your Card(s) in the Wallet.

No Warranty and Exclusion of Liability

For the purpose of this Section, “Credit Union” means Credit Union and its agents, contractors, and service providers, and each of their respective subsidiaries. The provisions set out in this section shall survive termination of these Terms.

The Wallet service is provided by the Wallet Provider, and Credit Union is not responsible for its use or function. You acknowledge and agree that Credit Union makes no representations, warranties or conditions relating to the Wallet of any kind, and in particular, Credit Union does not warrant: (a) the operability or functionality of the Wallet or that the Wallet will be available to complete a transaction; (b) that any particular merchant will be a participating merchant at which payments with the Wallet are available; (c) that the Wallet will meet your requirements or that the operation of the Wallet will be uninterrupted or error-free; and (d) the availability or operability of the wireless networks of any Device.

Credit Union will have no liability whatever in relation to the Wallet, including without limitation in relation to the sale, distribution or use thereof, or the performance or non-performance of the Wallet, or any loss, injury or inconvenience you suffer. You may want to consider keeping your physical Card with you to use in the event you cannot make Wallet transactions.

Changes to the Terms of Use

We may change these Terms, or the agreements associated with the use of your Card with the Wallet. You agree to any changes to these Terms or agreement(s) associated with the use of your Card or account by your continued use of your Card with the Wallet. If you do not accept the revised Terms or agreement(s), you must delete your Card from the Wallet.

Contacting Us

You may contact us about anything concerning your Card or these Terms by calling the phone number found on our website. If you have any questions or complaints about the Wallet, or disputes with the Wallet Provider, you should contact the Wallet provider.

The Electronic Service Agreement contains the terms that apply to your access and use of our electronic services including online banking and mobile banking. Please carefully read this entire agreement before you use the services. Each time you access or use the services, you confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement. View our Electronic Service Agreement by clicking here.

The following list of permissions and activities are required by our mobile app to operate. These include:

• “Access Camera” permission is used by the app to deposit a cheque via mobile deposit capture, store a custom profile picture and background.
• “Access Location” permission is used by the app to accurately locate the nearest ATM or branch in the “Find Us” feature.
• “Call Permission” is used to automatically call the user’s preferred branch by tapping on the phone number in the “Find Us” feature.
• “Contact List” permission is used to set up new Interac e-Transfer® contacts and send an Interac e-Transfer®.
•  Only the device contact information a user confirms is readable by Interac.
• “Internal Storage” permission is required to view, share and download PDF files from the mobile app to a user’s device.
• “App Activities” uses mobile app interaction data for analytics on usage and crash information for the current app version. We also monitor application stability using the crash logs to make ongoing improvements. Data collected on app activities, information and performance is completely anonymous and aggregated – individual users are not identifiable.

Crossroads Credit Union has a history of respecting the privacy of our members. Crossroad's Board of Directors has adopted the Credit Union Code for the Protection of Personal Information. We have policies and procedures in place to protect your privacy and your right to control the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information. For more information please view the Privacy Brochure and Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Officer is your point of contact if you wish to raise any matters regarding the use of your personal information. The Privacy Officer is responsible for monitoring information collection and data security, and ensures that other credit union employees receive appropriate training on privacy issues and their responsibilities under the Code. The Privacy Officer also handles all privacy inquiries and personal information access requests under the Code.

The Privacy Officer can be contacted at:
Leanne Woloshyn
Crossroads Credit Union
Box  2006 113 2nd Avenue East
Canora, SK
S0A 0L0
(p) 306.563.2445

Crossroads Credit Union and our employees have always committed to delivering a high quality of service to our members. The Market Code identifies the market practice standards and how we subscribe to those standards. It speaks to the way Crossroads and our employees conduct ourselves and how we treat existing and potential members to maintain trust, while living out our co-operative values. View the Market Code.

Crossroads and our employees have always been committed to delivering high quality service to our members. Our Market Code identifies the standards we adhere to as an organization, the way we conduct our ourselves and how we treat you. We work to maintain your trust while continuing to embrace our co-operative values.

It is important for us to know when you have a problem so that we can try to resolve it and retain your confidence. If you have a concern or complaint about the service we provide, or the products we offer, we want to hear from you. By solving your issue or concern we will ultimately improve our service levels to all members.


We want to handle your complaint in the most efficient and professional manner possible. If you have a concern or problem of any sort, we encourage you to follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Crossroads Credit Union
Start at the Source and Gather Your Facts.

It is generally easier to check the facts and resolve a problem where it originated. This may mean a quick phone call or visit to your local Crossroads branch. Before contacting us, you can speed things up by collecting all the relevant information in advance such as:

•   Your account number
•   The date(s) of occurrence
•   Any supporting account statements or documents
•   The names of employees involved
•   Your thoughts about the circumstances
•   What you would like the credit union to do to resolve the issue

Once you have this information on hand, please email feedback@crossroadscu.cacall or visit your local branch and we will be happy to work with you to resolve the issue.

If the employee you approach cannot help resolve your issues, ask to speak with the manager, senior officer or the credit union’s internal ombudsman, they will have the authority to solve most problems right away. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin working on a solution.

Step 2: Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI)
Disputes that remain unresolved after being reviewed by Crossroads Credit Union can be forwarded to the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI).

The OBSI is available to settle certain complaints that cannot be resolved through the first step.  The OBSI is an independent federal organization that investigates customer complaints against financial service providers, including banks, credit unions, federal trust and loan companies and other deposit taking organizations, investment dealers, mutual fund dealers and mutual fund companies and RESP dealers. The service is free of charge.

OBSI will look at your complaint if:

  • Your firm has had 90 calendar days to deal with your complaint, but has not yet provided you with its final response.
  • Your firm gave you its final response on your complaint, but you are still unsatisfied.

Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI)
401 Bay Street, Suite 1505, P.O. Box 5
Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4
Phone (Toll-free): 1.888.451.4519
Toll-free fax: 1.888.422.2865
Email: Website:

Note: The OBSI does not investigate complaints about credit decisions, service fees, interest rates, and other matters of general policy, issues that are in litigation, or transactions for which records no longer exist (usually after six or seven years).

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
If you have concerns about your privacy or the way the credit union has handled your personal information, you should try and settle the matter directly with Crossroads by contacting our Privacy officer, please review the Privacy section on this page.

If you are not satisfied with Crossroad's response, you may contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. Filing a complaint with the office is free of charge and you will be assisted throughout the process.

To contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada:

Complete the online complaint form or:
Phone (Toll Free) 1.800.282.1376
Mail: Office of the Privacy Commissioner, 30 Victoria Street, Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 1H3
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada website

The following agreements layout the terms and conditions of operating an account at Crossroads Credit Union and a Member Debit card.  It contains important information regarding your and Crossroads responsibilities.

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