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Member Card®

Member Card

Your Crossroads Member Card® debit card is a great way to use your money. You can tap (Interac Flash®) or insert your card (Interac® Debit) and enter your PIN no need to carry cash!  It is secure, convenient and easy.

Your Member Card® debit card can also be used for:
  • Withdrawing cash at an ATM
  • Depositing cash or cheques at an ATM
  • Transferring funds
  • Paying bills
  • Viewing account balances

Interac Flash® is a contactless payment type that is fast, convenient and a secure way to use your money! Just make sure that the payment terminal displays the Interac Flash® symbol. *Interac Flash® gives you all the built in protection of Interac® Debit but with even more protective measures to ensure your money is always safe.

  • Interac® Zero Liability Policy ensures that you are not liable for losses**. If your card is lost or stolen make sure you contact your local branch to cancel it.  This includes losses resulting from technical errors, system problems or fraud.
  • Transactions Limit gives you limit per Interac Flash transaction (tap). Each time you tap you are able to spend up to $100, if a purchase goes over that limit then you will be asked to insert you card and enter your PIN to confirm you are the authorized card holder.
  • Total Spend Limit allows you can spend up to $200 through cumulative Interac Flash transactions, if a purchase pushes you past the limit then you will be asked to insert you card and enter your PIN to confirm you are the authorized card holder.

On top of all these features Interac Flash uses EMV secure chip processing to store and process data securely. This makes it impossible to create counterfeit cards, and protects you against fraudulent activity, including skimming, transaction replay types of fraud, and tactics like electronic pickpocketing.

Interac Flash Transaction limits on cards issued after November 23rd, 2020


Per Transaction


Cumulative Transactions

Interac® Flash Transaction limits on cards issued prior to November 23rd, 2020


​Per Transaction


Cumulative Limit

Note: The cumulative limit is not a daily limit, it is a back-to-back limit. Once a cardholder has reached the $400 FLASH (tap) limit, they will be required to insert their CHIP & PIN to reset the cumulative transaction FLASH (tap) limit.

*Interac Flash can be deactivated at a fee please contact your local Crossroads branch for more information. Member Card® is a registered trade-mark owned by Canadian Credit Union Association, used under license.

**Protection applies to losses resulting from circumstances beyond your control. Some conditions apply. See your financial institution for details. Interac logo are registered trade-marks of Interac Inc. Used under license. The Contactless Indicator mark, consisting of four graduating arcs, is a trademark owned by and used with permission of EMVCO, LLC.. 

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