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Crossroads Community Investment Fund   
Building a strong foundation for our communities to build upon. 

What is the Crossroads Community Investment Fund?

The Crossroads Community Investment Fund (CIF) was established in 2009. Each year funds are allocated to non-profit organizations that support community development. The purpose of the Community Investment Fund is to provide a strong foundation to build upon and enhance the quality of life for the people in Crossroads Country.

Each year a set amount of funding is allocated towards the fund at which time the CIF committee meets and discusses how the funds will be allocated for the year.  The program opens for applications in June and closes August 31 of each year.

In the past 13 years the fund has allocated over $530,000 to more than 150 community projects and initiatives!

We are proud of our cooperative roots and helping our communities will always be a priority.

It's about grassroots, hometowns and cooperation. That's the Credit Union Difference.

Do you have a question?! 

You can contact the Marketing Department at Crossroads CU at 306-563-2424 or email

2023 Crossroads Community Investment Fund Recipients

Buchanan Community Centre

Received $5,000 towards purchasing new padded chairs for their facility.

“This non-profit organization oversees the use and upkeep of the Buchanan Community Centre for members of the centre, community groups and others that utilize the facility. Purchasing these chairs will make sitting for long periods more comfortable for those utilizing the facility.”

Sturgis Arena

Received $5,000 towards upgrades to their facility.

“The arena provides an important outlet for youth in the community and surrounding area. The arena allows skaters to meet their full potential and develop and practice their skills, whether it be for figure skating or hockey. The community enjoys the annual ice show, which has been a traditional event at the arena for many years and local hockey events."

Canora Golf Course

Received $5,000 towards a fairway mower.

“The course provides the Community of Canora and area a quality recreational space for all ages.”

North Shore Recreation

Received $3,330 for the purchase of 2 sets of Bleachers for the ball diamonds.

“The Hamlet of North Shore, Fishing Lake is proactively working with individuals, organizations, and communities to revitalize recreational activity at North Shore for residents and visitors of all ages. The area is a community space where people of all ages, from anywhere, can meet, play, learn and share by watching and playing ball, volleyball, and pickleball; enjoy the picnic area, summer kitchen and walking path.”

Preeceville Community Legion Hall

Received $2,500 towards their goal of installing air conditioning.

“The Community Legion Hall committee is raising money to upgrade the hall. There are many projects, but at this time, they are raising money to install air conditioning in the hall, which will benefit all the community members and groups who utilize this important community facility.”

Margo Community Hall

Received $2,500 towards a new furnace.

“The community hall provides a meeting or gathering place for community members and visitors. It is where community suppers, funerals, Remembrance Day services, weddings and special celebrations are held. Funding is greatly appreciated to keep this tiny hall in the community of Margo functioning.”

Invermay Ag Society

Received $2,500 towards building a structure close to the racetrack.

“The Ag Society hosts a fair each year in August. The fair brings together a range of multicultural participants and spectators. Where old friends get together and provide an opportunity to build new relationships. Volunteers work hard at bringing life to the small community of Invermay.”

Canora Ag Society

Received $2,500 towards building a permanent structure close to the racetrack.

“The Ag group's mission statement is to promote and foster agriculture in the community of Canora and surrounding areas. They host an annual Farmers Night Out to thank farmers for all their hard work. They are a major sponsor of the local 4H Club as they like to promote and support youth in agriculture. They sponsor a scholarship for a grade 12 student going into agriculture and put on Canora Ag Days for the community. They always try and support local first with the concession gate workers and kids’ events.”

Assiniboine River Archey Club

Received $2,000 from the CIF fund.

“The Archery Club has been a fixture of Canora for many years. It gives opportunities for families to be involved in the sport together. Everyone is welcome. Archery is an activity that runs for much of the year and allows youth to be involved in a positive and welcoming club and sport. The club wants to remain integral to Canora and the surrounding area for years to come.”

Buchanan Club 50

Received $2,000 towards facility updates.

“Buchanan Club 50 is a meeting place for people in the community and surrounding area to play cards, pool, shuffleboard, board games, art classes, and quilting. The space is also rented out for smaller gatherings, the funds will help to improve the club.”

Whitehawk Arts Council

Received $1,500 towards supporting their initiative of bringing professional live performing arts to the community.

“The Whitehawk Arts Council is bringing three live performing arts to the communities of Preeceville and Sturgis. The ticket prices are affordable, and those who attend experience top-notch talent, whether singing or instrumental music. The performances include various types of music, including classical, country, rock from the 50's and 60's and folk. Something for everyone.”

Weneeda Park Lodge

Received $1,500 towards updates to their facility.

“Weneeda Park Lodge is an independent, enriched senior care home in the town of Wadena. The facility has been unable to start its upgrade projects due to a lack of funding. These funds will make a difference for the facility.”

Preeceville Senior Pats

"Scored" $2,500 through the CIF Fund.

“The Preeceville Senior Pats hockey team is returning after 14 years. Bringing people together and uniting people from all different backgrounds and communities. Whether it be just the thought of cheering for the local team or being at the rink and sharing the excitement, the shared passion for the sport builds connections. The sport stimulates local economies by bringing new shoppers to the community supporting the local businesses.”

Canora Cobras Senior Hockey

"Scored" $2,500 through the CIF Fund.

“The Cobras understand that their team's efforts play an important role in keeping the recreational facility active and sustainable. As responsible stewards of the facility, they are committed to promoting its use and ensuring its longevity. The Canora Cobras Men's Senior Hockey Club is an economic driver in the community of Canora, fostering its future strength. Not only do their games draw fans into the community of Canora, but we also attract a young demographic.”

Invermay Minor Ball

Received $2,500 towards their ball program.

“The Invermay Minor Ball organization has been actively providing a ball program to Invermay and the surrounding area since 2007. The program aims to promote youth and adults to become part of a team environment and encourage physical activity in the community. Various volunteers dedicate their time to keep the program going.”

Preeceville Nordic Ski Club

Received $2,500 towards their ski program.

“The club's purpose is to promote healthy activity and athletic guidance to all ages through cross-country skiing in a safe, supportive environment and promotes a healthy community through maintaining outdoor trails and facilities. The trail system is beautiful and an absolute gem for the community.”

Sturgis Archey Club

Received $2,500 towards purchasing 3D targets for their archery program.

“The Sturgis Archery Club is bringing the CanBow 3D program for youth to the club. The club currently runs the Junior Olympic Archery Program and is branching out to 3D and needs to purchase 3D targets to start the program. The CanBow program is a Canada archery-administered program for youth archers. It is designed to help young archers improve their skills in archery on a general level.”

Canora Nursery School

Received $3,000 towards their education program.

“The Canora Nursery School is the cornerstone of early childhood education in Canora. By introducing the combination of play, exploration, and learning, children at the Nursery school grow emotionally, intellectually, and physically. The Canora Nursery School provides the opportunity for children to build relationships and their self-esteem, which in return supports their emotional and physical development to help them succeed in life.”

Preeceville Nursery School

Received $3,000 towards their education program.

“The Preeceville Nursery School is a program for 3 & 4-year-old children. It provides them with the skills and education they need to prepare for their future school education through play, crafts, exploration, and learning. The preschool learning environment is important to children's development.”

Wadena Composite School

Received $3,000 towards their school van.

“Purchasing the school van gives students the opportunity to participate in school sports and educational day trips that meet curriculum outcomes. Bringing students together outside the classroom defines community, which is what the Wadena Composite School is looking to do!”
Check out our CIF Recipients from the past 5 years.

We asked our members to nominate a Non-Profit Organization or Community Group they believe makes a difference in Crossroads Country for a chance to receive $2,022 in funding.  $44,484 was allocated to 22 Non-Profit Organizations & Community Groups for 2022 and here they are:

Canora Community Childcare Centre

Preeceville Economic Development Committee

Canora Trakkers Snow Club

Wadena Community Childcare Centre

Sturgis Community Bingo

Preeceville School

Wadena Vohon Ukrainian Dance Club

Preeceville Nursery School

Wadena Seniors Club

Canora Veselka Dance Club

Canora Arts Council

Sturgis 123 Care for Me

Canora Composite School

Firmly Rooted Home School

Town of Canora Tourism Committee

Preeceville & Community Skate & Bike Park

Margo Community Rec Board

Sturgis Barveenok Ukrainian Dance Club

Assiniboine River Archery Club

Buchanan Black Box Players

Sturgis Figure Skating Club

Rama Recreation Board

Canora Fire Brigade Inc. (New Side by Side), $15,000

Canora Composite School (Student Wellness & Sustainability Initiative), $5,000

Canora Leisure Services (New Aquatic Park), $5,000

Canora Junior Elementary School (Learning Device Purchase), $3,000

Preeceville Economic Development (Downtown Park), $3,000

Preeceville School (Technology Update), $3,000

Stenen Dew Drop In Club (Total Roof Repair), $3,000
Sturgis & District Regional Park Lady Lake Site (Hall Improvements at Lady Lake), $15,000

Canora Leisure Services (Sportsgrounds Enhancement Project), $5,000

Wadena Community Childcare Centre Inc (Childcare Centre), $5,000

Invermay & District Fire Department (Fire Gear Storage Racks), $3,000

Preeceville Club 60 (Renovations), $3,000

Good Spirit Cross Country Ski Club (Warm up Shelter Re-build), $3,000
Sturgis Curling Club (Upgrades to the Curling Rink), $15,000

Wadena Elementary School (New Playground Equipment), $5,000

Canora Composite School (Alternative Learning Space), $5,000

Canora Arts Council (Youth Engagement Initiative), $2,000

Rama Performing Arts & Leisure Society (Renovations), $2,000

Endeavour School Community Complex (Roof Repair), $2,000

Margo Community Recreation Board (Facility Upgrades), $2,000

Wadena Van Corporation (Handi-Van Garage Renovation), $2,000

Studio Dance One (Dancer's Lounge), $1,500
Preeceville School Library (21st Century Learning Centre), $10,000

Canora Leisure Services (Upgraded Lighting at the Canora Civic Centre), $5,000

Wadena School of Dance (Stage Lighting at the Wadena Composite School), $5,000

Canora Nursery School (New Supplies & Toys), $1,000

Sturgis Arena Board (New Hockey Nets), $2,500

Wadena Elementary School (STEAM Lab), $2,500

Wadena Pensioners & Seniors (Facility Updates), $1,000

Major funding projects determined through membership voting

2018 Preeceville School Library

$10,000 towards a 21st Century Learning Centre.

2019 Sturgis Curling Club

$15,000 towards upgrades to the Sturgis Curling Rink.

2020 Lady Lake Park

$15,000 towards hall improvements at Lady Lake.

2021 Canora Fire Brigade Inc.

$15,000 towards a new side by side for the fire department.
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