Crossroads Community Investment Fund   
Building a strong foundation for our communities to build upon. 

What is the Crossroads Community Investment Fund?

The Crossroads Community Investment Fund (CIF) was established in 2009. Each year funds are allocated to non-profit organizations that support community development. The purpose of the Community Investment Fund is to provide a strong foundation to build upon and enhance the quality of life for the people in Crossroads Country

Each year a set amount of funding is allocated towards the fund at which time the CIF committee meets and discusses how the funds will be allocated for the year.  

In the past 12 years the fund has allocated over $420,000 to more than 120 community projects and initiatives!

We are proud of our cooperative roots and helping our communities will always be a priority.

It's about grassroots, hometowns and cooperation. That's the Credit Union Difference.

2022 CIF Program

The last couple of years have been hard on our communities, and the non-profit organizations and community groups that make up Crossroads Country.  We want to be there for our communities when they need us the most, and we believe that the time is now!

We are excited to open up 2022 CIF by allocating $2,022 to 22 Non-Profit Organizations/Community Groups in Crossroads Country! 

How?!  We are asking community members to use our online nomination form to nominate a non-profit organization or community group that they believe makes an impact in Crossroads Country for a chance to be 1 of the 22 groups selected to receive $2,022.

Nominations will open June 1st and will close on August 31st.

To read our eligibility criteria and more, keep scrolling down the page! 

CIF 2022 Details
  • Depending on the quality and number of nominations, preference may be given to:
    • Individuals who are members in the nomination process.
    • Non-profit organizations & community groups who do business with Crossroads Credit Union.
  • If the number of non-profit organizations/community groups exceeds 22, the CIF Committee will make the final selection and will rate the projects-based on eligibility criteria.
  • If the number of non-profit organizations or community groups is under 22, the CIF committee will reserve funds for a later date for future projects/programs.
  • If only 22 nominations are received, groups do not automatically receive the funding if they do not fall within eligibility criteria.
  • If a non-profit organization/community group receives multiple nominations, and fits the eligibility criteria, they will not be awarded more than $2,022.
  • Only 1 nomination can be submitted per community member, duplicates will be eliminated. If multiple nominations are submitted by the same individual, we will use the first one submitted by using the time and date.
  • Only those nominations selected to receive funding will be contacted.

Community members can nominate a non-profit organization or community group by filling out our online nomination form or by visiting a Crossroads Credit Union branch and asking to use their branch iPad or the self-serve kiosk at our Preeceville branch.

Click here to access the nomination form.

  • The non-profit organization/community group supports the development of our communities and/or development and implementation of programs that support the people in Crossroads Country.
  • The non-profit organization/community group must support one of the following areas:
    • Youth
    • Education
    • Community, Economic, Co-operative or Environmental Development
    • Health & Support Services
    • Arts & Culture
  •  While membership at Crossroads Credit Union is not a requirement, individuals who are members in the nomination process and non-profit organizations & community groups who do business with Crossroads Credit Union will be given preference when the final decision must be made between comparable groups.
Funding will not be provided for:

• Political or religious organizations
• Advocacy organizations whose causes are publicly controversial.
• Individuals
• Conferences
• Privately owned ventures and/or private clubs funded through membership fees
We will contact the recipients in October and arrange a cheque presentation and photo op during Co-op Week (October 16 - 22, 2022) to share on our social media channels. 
The pictures will be posted on social media spaced out over the following weeks, giving a shout out and highlighting the Non-Profit Organization/Community Group.
On Credit Union Day (October 20), we will have Fox FM Live on Location at our head office (Canora branch) where we will talk about our 2022 CIF program, re-announce who the recipients were and talk a little bit about each one.
You can contact the Marketing Department at Crossroads CU at 306.563.2424 or email

Congratulations to the 2021 CIF recipients!

Canora Fire Brigade Inc. (New Side by Side), $15,000

Canora Composite School (Student Wellness & Sustainability Initiative), $5,000

Canora Leisure Services (New Aquatic Park), $5,000

Canora Junior Elementary School (Learning Device Purchase), $3,000

Preeceville Economic Development (Downtown Park), $3,000

Preeceville School (Technology Update), $3,000

Stenen Dew Drop In Club (Total Roof Repair), $3,000

Major funding projects determined through membership voting

2018 Preeceville School Library

$10,000 towards a 21st Century Learning Centre.

2019 Sturgis Curling Club

$15,000 towards upgrades to the Sturgis Curling Rink.

2020 Lady Lake Park

$15,000 towards hall improvements at Lady Lake.

2021 Canora Fire Brigade Inc.

$15,000 towards a new side by side for the fire department.
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