ATTENTION: The Crossroads CU Mobile App has released a new update for both Android and Apple devices.
The update will become mandatory starting Monday, June 24th.

Digital Banking Troubleshooting

A guide to your Digital Banking problems


The new Crossroads Credit Union Mobile App will be available as an app update! Install the update and you will be connected to our new Digital Banking Mobile App. To install the update, follow these steps:
    1. Visit the App Store
    2. Search Crossroads Credit Union
    3. Tap the Crossroads Logo
    4. Hit 'UPDATE' and you're set! 

Your old App Icon will not work, please follow these steps to get set up with the new app.
    1. Delete all old versions of the Crossroads Credit Union Mobile App.
    2. Close all open apps and browser windows on your device.
    3. Restart your device.
    4. Install our new Crossroads Credit Union Mobile App found on Google Play. Here is the link:

Note: If you have already downloaded the new app without taking these steps, you can delete both the old and new apps; restart and re-install the new app.
When trying to Sign In to the new Digital Banking Mobile App, some members are experiencing an issue.  The loading icon just keeps spinning and it won't allow them to Sign In.  We are aware of this glitch and are working with our service provider to rectify the issue and hope to have it resolved soon.

  • The current fix for this issue is to uninstall the app from your smart phone and then reinstall it or,
  • Sign In to online banking via your internet browser on your smart device.

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding with our new product.  This is a new product to you and to us, and does come with a few glitches that our Service Provider aware of and is working on to improve your Digital Banking experience. 
Note:  This specific issue is being experienced by those members who have already onboarded to the new platform and have set up their user profile, if you are having issues onboarding or setting up your User Profile, please contact our Virtual Branch at 1.877.535.1299).  
Check to see if the bill is pending in your scheduled bill payments. You can get there by following these steps:

Online Banking:
  • Go to transfers & payments
  • View Scheduled Bills, the pending bill will be in there with the applicable date.

Mobile App:
  • Move money
  • Payments
  • View Scheduled Payments, the pending bill should be there with the applicable date.

If you cannot find the bill payment in this area, before making the payment again, please contact our Virtual Branch at 1.877.535.1299 to confirm that the payment has not gone through.
Note:  For time sensitive bill payments, we suggest you make payments before 10:00 PM.
In some instances members are reporting that they are receiving an email:
"INTERAC e-Transfer: A money transfer from XXXX cannot be automatically deposited."

In the email the message indicates "We were unable to deposit $X sent to you by XXXX. Please contact your financial institution for further assistance."

E-transfers will not go through if there is an emoji in the recipients name.  Delete the emoji and try again.
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